Why curly fries are the best type of french fry. 

By Andy Gray
July 13, 2017

Trying to pick the best type of french fry is like trying to pick the best color Porsche. They are all good and you really can’t go wrong (unless you pick yellow … don’t be that guy). But in life, you have to make hard decisions and that’s why I’m a proud member of Team Curly Fries. 

The reason is simple: No other style of fry gets me quite as excited when looking at a restaurant menu. I (nor has anyone, ever, according to my limited research) gone to a restaurant and said, “Yes! They have shoestring fries here!” That’s because shoestring fries aren’t that exciting. Neither are steak, crinkle, sweet, poutine (can’t believe that’s even part of this debate) or anything else. But curly fries, on the other hand, give me a little extra surge of energy. 

Then there’s the fries themselves. With curly, you never know what you’ll get. Some are small with a single curl. Some are long and twisty, like a roller coaster of taste in your mouth. But all are special. All are delicious. All are better than everything else. Unless you’d rather drive a Toyota instead of a Porsche.

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