You Know It’s the Offseason When NBA Teams Start A Cereal Pun War on Twitter

This is how you know it’s August.
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It all began innocently enough on Thursday, when the Cleveland Cavaliers decided they had enough with dumb Kyrie trade rumors and appeared to launch the #NBACereals hashtag on Twitter.

This photoshop of Kay Felder – “Special Kay” — is, well, pretty special.

NBA teams are just as bored as you and I are right now. It’s August. Some of you may want the NBA season to start in like three hours, but those of us in the industry need our vacations. Nobody who works in or around the league is ready for the league to tip off yet.

But, the photoshoppers are.

This got progressively dumber, but also increasingly amusing. Just scroll down. You’ll get it.

This one is probably the best, because Cristiano Felicio is my large Brazilian son.

I can’t believe this is still going.

Wake me up when we get to Frosted Mini-World Peace.