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Restaurants Refusing to Show NFL Games Until Anthem Protests End

Some restaurants around the country are beginning to ban NFL games over player protests.

According to the Washington Post, four restaurants in South Carolina, Texas, New York and Louisiana are among a wave of establishments refusing to air NFL games in some capacity after players and owners exercised their right to peacefully protest during the national anthem during last weekend’s games.

The protests began with Colin Kaepernick last season, with players beginning to follow suit and join him in making a statement about racism and police violence in America. The breadth of the protests grew en masse over the weekend, with a majority of the league choosing to respond directly to comments made by President Trump disparaging protesting players and suggesting there should be league-imposed limitations on their right to free speech, or they should lose their jobs. Players around the league kneeled, locked arms or chose to skip the anthem entirely in a show of solidarity.

David McCraw of the Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, S.C., said Sunday he would no longer show NFL games after players began kneeling during the anthem. McCraw told the Associated Press he would show games again once all players pay respect to the American flag and the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.