By Elisabeth Sherman
January 05, 2018

It’s been 19 years since the Buffalo Bills football team made the NFL playoffs, but that all changed last Sunday when the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals’ win over the Ravens, combined with the Bills’ triumph over the Miami Dolphins, secured a team which has long been accustomed to loosing out with a spot in the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl—and gave them quite the reason to celebrate. To show just how they appreciate the Bengals game-changing win, the Bills gifted their NFL comrades with an order of 1,440 chicken wings.

In an Instagram post, the Bills announced they’d tapped the restaurant chain Duff’s Famous Wings to ship the Bengals the chicken wings, along with “90 lbs of celery, 30 lbs of carrots, 6 gallons of blue cheese, 9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce [and] a TON of thank you’s from Buffalo!” That’s a hearty game-day snack if we ever saw one, and will probably be just enough food to satisfy an entire team of hungry football players. The spirit of good sportsmanship is clearly alive and well in Buffalo.

According to ESPN, the team’s loving gesture may have been inspired by the Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton; after the team’s win over the Ravens, fans donated more than $300,000 to Dalton’s charitable foundation.The Bills should enjoy celebrating this historic moment while they can—there is, of course, no guarantee that they’ll last very long in the playoffs. There is always the determination and passion of their fans though, many of whom would go to extreme length to see their teams win: One survey found that some NFL fans would eat a whole medley of disgusting foods—including cockroaches—if it meant their team would win the Super Bowl. But when it comes to being good teammates, it looks like the Bills will come out the clear winner.

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