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For the 2019 season, Sports Illustrated reached out to all 30 MLB teams to find out details on each ballpark’s beer offerings. All information was received directly from the team or its food and beverage service provider and is for 2019, unless otherwise noted. All beer lists are subject to change. All rating information for craft beer offerings was sourced from BeerAdvocate. Want to see more MLB ballpark beer guides? See the full list here.

Headed to Target Field this season? Here's a comprehensive look at the beers you can expect to see around the ballpark. 

Cheapest: New in 2019, fans can get a 12-ounce can of Bud Light for $5 at the “Family Value” concession stands.

Most expensive: A 25 oz. can of Shock Top Belgian White is $14.

New for 2019: Target Field has a variety of new beers this season, including Goose Island Next Coast IPA, Beaver Island Tribute IPA, Fair State Pils, Summit Cabin Crusher (kolsch-style ale) and Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA.

Local beer choices: The Twins’ roster of local beers is as deep as any around MLB. Minneapolis-based Insight Brewing offers Dankbot IPA, Splendid Moose (pale ale) and Trollway IPA. Surly Brewing Co. sells its popular Furious IPA in addition to First Avenue +1 (blonde ale), Hell (German helles) and Xtra-Citra Pale Ale.

Among the other intriguing brews from Minnesota include Fair State Vienna Lager, Castle Danger Cream Ale, Fulton Sweet Child of Vine IPA, Third Street Lost Trout (brown ale), Third Street Minnesota Gold Lager, Waconia WacTown Wheat (pale wheat ale), Modist Supra Deluxe (Japanese rice lager), Bent Paddle Cold Press Black Ale and Northlake Honey Brown Lager.

Any stadium-specific brews? No.

Best choices for beer snobs: Fair State Vienna Lager (4.04/5), Insight Splendid Moose (4.02/5) and Indeed Day Tripper (4.01/5) are all great options. 

Want to see more MLB ballpark beer guides? See the full list here.