For the 2019 season, Sports Illustrated reached out to all 30 MLB teams to find out details on each ballpark’s beer offerings. All information was received directly from the team or its food and beverage service provider and is for 2019, unless otherwise noted. All beer lists are subject to change. All rating information for craft beer offerings was sourced from BeerAdvocate. Want to see more MLB ballpark beer guides? See the full list here.

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Headed to Chase Field this season? Here's a comprehensive look at the beers you can expect to see around the ballpark. 

Cheapest (2018 pricing): 14 oz. value beers (Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite) are $4.

Most expensive (2018 pricing): 20 oz. premium drafts are $10.50 and 24 oz. premium cans are $13.

New for 2019: The Diamondbacks added more than 25 new beers to their menu for this season, including some national and local brews: Ballast Point New Lager; Breckenridge Avalanche Amber Ale; Golden Road Wolf Pup Session IPA; Grand Canyon Brewing Co. Trail Hike IPA; Hop Valley Citrus Mistress; New Belgium Voodoo Ranger; Saint Archer Hazy IPA; Stella Artois; Stone Tropic of Thunder; and Stone IPA.

Local beer choices: Arizona-brewed beers available at Chase Field include: Grand Canyon Brewing Co. Trail Hike IPA, Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, The Phoenix Ale Brewery Camelback IPA, Papago Brewing Company Orange Blossom, San Tan Devil's Ale and Barrio Brewing Co. Blonde.

Any brews I can only find in this stadium? No.

Best choices for beer snobs: Four Peaks Brut IPA (4.47/5) and Double Knot IPA (4.01/5) are top-rated options, as well as SanTan Brewing Co.’s Moon Juice IPA (3.89/5).

Want to see more MLB ballpark beer guides? See the full list here.