A Verdi player finds a gap in the Azzurri team's defense during the Calcio Storico, a medieval football event held between the four quarters of Florence since 1584.
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By Daniel Friedman and Richard O'Brien
April 10, 2014

In this week's edition of Extra Reps: SI Edge's Weekly Picks​, we feature the only sport that truly deserves the moniker "modern gladiators," Jon Olsson's Rebellion R2K supercar drifting up a snow-covered mountain, the Ukrainian collective Mustang Wanted climbing buildings higher than any human should venture and more.

Modern Gladiators: The Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Every year since 1584, the four quarters of Florence, Italy battle it out in one of the most brutal "football" games in history. This ridiculously dangerous sport is a mix of rugby, soccer, American football, boxing, MMA and Greco Roman wrestling, among other violent sports.

Ukrainian Collective Mustang Wanted On Top of the World

Dangling from hundreds of feet in the air, tightrope walking on the edges of skyscrapers, even skateboarding so high and so close to the edge that you can't help but get sweaty palms, Mustang Wanted is a group of high-climbing adventurers looking to blow your mind with some of the most extreme vertical stunts in the world.

The Red Bull Rampage From Start to Finish

From the 2013 Red Bull Rampage, we bring you stunning video of bikers riding through the Oakley Icon Center, where professional mountain bikers fly off jumps of up to 60 feet in the air. With POV video of a few competitors flying down ridiculous ridges, landing back flips from higher than you'd ever dare to jump, you can't help but look forward to next iteration of this adrenaline-filled event.

The World Beyond the World

In this awe-inspiring short film, Expedition Arguk utilizes beautiful prose from Robert Marshall's "Alaska Wilderness: Exploring the Brooks Range" for narration, and images taken from their journey across the Alaskan Arctic "to celebrate that most ancient and sublime of human pleasures: moving through a mysterious, beautiful, and unknown landscape."

North Korea Will Allow Tourists in Pyongyang Marathon

According to a report from The Telegraph, North Korea will be allowing tourists to participate in the Pyongyang Marathon this year for the first time in its 27-year history. The next logical question should be whether or not former NBA star Dennis Rodman will be headlining the event. After bringing a few fellow NBA players with him on a recent trip to the country, Rodman had to deal with the backlash that comes with befriending a leader and country that may have violated US sanctions. With these new changes in format, a few hundred foreigners have already begun preparations to make the trip on April 13th.

Jon Olsson's Rebellion R2K Supercar Snowdrifting Uphill

The Rebellion R2K is simply a work of art, and Jon Olsson, a professional freeskier and alpine ski racer, may know how to traverse a mountain slope easily on skis, but flying uphill behind the wheel of a supercar is a completely different animal. With a helicopter following along, we get a glimpse of the 600-horsepower beast thrashing through the powder in amazing fashion.

Downhill High-Speed Riding with Mountain Biker Curtis Keene

In an epic POV video, along with helicopter viewpoints, we follow professional mountain biker Curtis Keene down a high-speed single track along the beautiful Santa Monica ridge-line outside of Los Angeles.

This Amazing Dirt Course Took Ten Years to Build

Ten years in the making, this perfectly sculpted dirt track, which is beautiful in its own right, sends guys like Connor MacFarlane, Phil McLean, James Hoggan, and many other professional mountain bikers flying through the air at Bowenvale in New Zealand.

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