A surfer rides a wave at Teahupo'o, a village on the southwest coast of Tahiti. Professional surfers from all over the world regularly descend upon Teahupo'o to ride the local waves that can easily rise above 25 feet tall.
Gregory Boissy/AFP/Getty Images
By Daniel Friedman and Richard O'Brien
April 24, 2014

In this week's edition of Extra Reps: SI Edge's Weekly Picks, we bring you video of some of the highest, most treacherous waves in the world, BASE jumpers tackling the Holy Grail of high-rise structures and President Obama playing soccer with a robot. 

The Last Backpack You'll Ever Need

Have you ever wanted to carry a bunch of stuff with you on an adventure, but don't have enough room, or levels, in your boring old backpack? Meet the Flextrek 37,000,000,000,000 Whipsnake, the last backpack you'll ever need. 

BASE Jumping From the Tallest Building in the World

At 2,722 feet tall, the world's tallest building—Dubai's Burj Khalifa—offers up some stunning views and wild heights. And none more stunning or wild than if you base jump off the tower. The very top of the tower, mind you. In an effort to score a Guinness World Record, Vince Reffet, Fred Fugen and a cameraman leapt from a specially designed platform at the top of the tower, the first time someone has jumped from its highest point. Not only did the group create some stellar visuals and score the record, but they also pulled it all off successfully. As Fugen says in the video: "We like to fly; we like to have fun." They accomplished both. — Tim Newcomb

The Highest Waves in the World: Teahupo'o

Magnificent, majestic and almost the size of a building, the waves off the coast of Teahupo'o, a village on the southwest coast of Tahiti, are amazing and terrifying at the same time. In this stunning look at their unbelievable immensity, surfers pale in comparison to the towering waves that are ready to crash, sending them down into the dangerous coral reef located only a few feet below the surface. 

The Freedom of Flying

Every year, birds from thousands of miles around migrate through the Rio Grande corridor in New Mexico in one of the greatest migrations in the world. Inspired by their journey, photographer Chris Dahl-Bredine decided one day he wanted to join the thousands of different bird species on their journey. Watch as he takes an incredible journey, flying with the birds, enjoying "the ultimate freedom."

The Real Story of Clay Marzo

Raw, radical, and fast are just a few words used to describe surfing phenom Clay Marzo, who rose in the ranks of up-and-coming surfers early on in his career. Though he's had success going back to when he was only 15 years old, few have had to endure to the struggles Marzo has had to overcome on his way to the top. Living with Aspergers syndrome, Marzo has had difficulty dealing with the fame that has come along with his rise in the sport, although many professional surfers that know Marzo have said he's able to do the things he does because of his condition.

From Soaring to Sore

Ukraine's Bohdan Bondarenko is the 2013 world champion in the high jump. His best leap, of 7' 10 3/4", places him equal-third on the all-time list. To judge by this video from a training session that he posted to Facebook, however, he can be brought down to earth at times.


Olympic Gold Medalist Allyson Felix's Shoe Collection is Crazy

From Sneak Peaks, we get an inside look at the Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter's ridiculous shoe collection. From LeBrons to KDs to Kobes, Felix has a number of different shoe brands like Jordans, Nikes and much more. Felix's knowledge of sneakers is deep as you can see by her recollections in this behind-the-scenes video.

From the Country that Brought You Calcio Fiorentino Comes … Bubble Football!

The game of soccer is a battle of skill and precision. To be successful, you have to make crisp passes, separate your opponents from the ball and jockey for position throughout each match. In this manifestation of the greatest game on earth, Italian athletes have made the game even harder by playing their matches in giant bubbles. That's right, giant bubbles.

Jet Ski Flipping with World Champ Ant Burgess

Watch the world champion of jet skiing, Ant Burgess, bust out consecutive flips in this amazing video shot on Kingsbury Lakes in South Dakota. 

President Obama Plays Soccer with a Robot

In anticipation for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, or more so to highlight technology and security during his recent visit to Japan, the President of the United States participated in some good hearted soccer warm ups with this Japanese robot.

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