Brandon Semenuk performing the Mountainbike Slopestyle Finals at the X Games in 2013
Lukas Pilz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Daniel Friedman and Richard O'Brien
May 15, 2014

In this week's edition of Extra Reps: SI Edge's Weekly Picks, we bring you the craziest kayakers in the world taking on the biggest waves, the LeBron James of yo-yo and Simone Albergoni riding out for some epic motocross training.

Simone Albergoni Does Some Motocross Training

Albergoni went old school in this highlight video. Taking the first spot on our weekly breakdown, the video features a dope soundtrack, crazy tricks and some expert video production. 

Pole Vaulting Tricks by Joel Pocklington

In this compilation video, Joel Pocklington brings you a number of pole vaulting tricks he says he hasn't seen anyone else in the world do. The different performances are listed below:

1. Vaulting double back off a 33-foot cliff in Mt. Gambier.
2. Vault over high bar, catch into giants with dismount.
3. Vaulting double back.
4&5. Football mark over the bar.
6. Vaulting backsault full twist.
7. Hopping pole vault - 7 hops, 3.60m.
8. Two person vault on the one pole (with Blake Lucas).

The LeBron James of Yo-Yo

​This kid is to the yo-yo what Yo Yo Ma is to the cello.

Say Hello to the Cooligans, Pogo Sticking Their Way to Fame

When it comes to transportation, the Cooligans don't drive, ride bikes or even skate. They pogo, and they pogo well. 

Navy Veteran Finishes Legendary Race After Serious Obstacles

This past weekend on Maui, OluKai’s family gathered as Navy Seal veteran and stroke survivor, Kimo Akaka crossed the Ho’olaule’a Maliko finish line after paddling with help from family and friends, for 4+ strenuous hours. A Navy Seal veteran for 17 years, Kimo suffered a stroke in 2011 that flat lined him for 15 minutes, rendering him a paraplegic, unable to feel or use any extremity other than his right arm. A native of Oahu, Kimo joined OluKai’s 6th Annual Ho’olaule’a with a dream of finishing the legendary Maliko downwind run, no matter what it took to do so.

Encouraged by the humble mentorship of legendary waterman Archie Kalepa, a friend and Kimo’s source of inspiration, who swam beside him offering encouragement to him on the water half way through his journey to the finish line. Unable to speak, Archie Kalepa was interviewed to tell his story. Watch the clip below with password, olukai.

Kayakers Ride Some of the Biggest River Waves in the World

Some of the most extreme kayakers take on the biggest waves in the world. Hopping and flipping through the rough waves in the raging rivers. Beautiful scenery and insane kayaking tricks make this video more than worthy of a spot on Extra Reps. 

GoPro Video Series: Nate Wallace Powder Dreams

Nate Wallace defines what it means to get crazy powder in the French Alps.

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