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By Nora Tobin
February 10, 2015

Once all the heavy padding is removed, it is clear that Ryan Tannehill takes great care of his body. From the variety of training he performs on and off the field to the importance he places on pre- and post-workout nutrition, Tannehill's program is top notch.

Tannehill’s focus and work ethic permeate every aspect of his career. In his third season as the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, he had over 4,000 yards passing and 27 touchdown strikes. He set the franchise record for completions (392) in a single season.

If he is up against a barrier in the gym or on the field, the Texas A&M grad always comes back to his goals. “When it gets tough, I always remind myself of the goals I have set. This is a great motivator to push through the challenge and get to where I want to be.”

26 years old 6-foot-4 220 lbs.

Training grounds: Davie, Fla.

Hours spent working out per day: During the season I spend about an hour working out and 2.5 hours at practice. In the offseason, I spend more time in the gym building up my strength and speed.

Training program: During the offseason, I start with body-weight training for a few weeks. Then by late February/early March I introduce high-intensity cardio, such as footwork and plyometrics to improve speed and agility, as well as resistance training to build strength for the season. I also have a throwing program. During the season, the workouts are milder, with less weight.

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​​Biggest physical challenge: In my position, there a lot of things I have to work hard to get better at. Flexibility has never been my strong suit. I work on this by doing yoga in the offseason, and I have a daily program of foam rolling and stretching.

Go-to meal or snack before a game: Since our games are usually at 1:00 p.m., I make sure I have a substantial mid-morning breakfast. I have eggs, potatoes, bacon and orange juice. Then I eat an energy bar and drink a Spark right before the game. Typically I will have another bar and a banana at halftime.

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Go-to meal or snack after a game: My wife is an amazing cook! Her family is Italian and she makes her grandma’s authentic lasagna. It’s unreal.

Go-to meal or snack after a workout: I have a protein shake right after a training session to refuel my body. It’s a really important step in a training program because it helps the body recover much faster, builds lean muscle and provides important nutrients that are easily absorbed.

Favorite indulgence: I have never been a dessert guy, but I love cheesecake.

Best recovery tip: Rest and sleep. It’s so important to consistently get a good night's sleep when training/playing in order to make gains. This is the time when your body repairs itself. I also think a protein shake post workout is very important to recover quickly.

Do you have any strategies that keep you motivated on your training program: When it gets tough, I always remind myself of the goals I have set. This is a great motivator to push through the challenge and get to where I want to be. It is also very helpful to train with other guys.

Do you take any extended breaks with your training: I always take a break right after we finish the season. I do not do any heavy lifting in January and focus on light rehab.

Any particular food you eat that really helps with performance: There is not a specific food, but I definitely make sure to have proper overall nutrition. In order to perform well on the field, the body has to have the right fuel.

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