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Watch: Josh Sheehan lands first triple backflip on motocross bike

Josh Sheehan on Tuesday became the first motocross rider to ever complete a triple backflip 
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Josh Sheehan made history on Tuesday by becoming the first motocross athlete to ever land a triple backflip. Sheehan completed the feat in Maryland at the complex of renowned motocross champion, Travis Pastrana. 

Sheehan's bike reached speeds of up to 60 MPH and launched off of a 37-foot-tall ramp in order to complete the jump.

“It was an exhilarating ride and to be the first person to ever have done this was definitely a defining moment in my career and a dream come true,” Sheehan said, according to Transworld Motocross.

Even Pastrana himself couldn't contain just how amazing it was to see this happen, especially on his Nitro Circus property. 

“Seeing Josh achieve this is so awesome. I know firsthand just how much commitment something like this requires. With the ludicrous amount of height it takes to pull around the rotation, the slightest misstep may well have meant death. Josh is one of the gutsiest guys on the planet for even attempting this, let alone nailing it,” Pastranasaid.

Check out the jump below:

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