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Tech Bit: Zepp builds advanced smart bat for MLB superstar Mike Trout

A quick look at the new smart bat that Angels centerfielder Mike Trout will be using in practice to improve his swing.

Tech Bit takes a quick look at new technology and gear—and the stories that go with them—in the sporting world.

Product: Old Hickory Smart Bat
Brand: Zepp

Description: Mike Trout had already embraced adding the Zepp metric-measuring device to his Old Hickory bat. Now, Zepp has improved on the process by embedding its 3D Swing Analyzer inside the bat for a true smart bat. “Introducing a smart bat is a big moment for the game,” Trout says. “Having Zepp combined with my signature bat will help give me an edge.”


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The Zepp technology captures swing data that Trout and coaches can analyze. Previously, the Zepp sensor mounted onto the bat as a separate device, but by placing the removable sensor in the 28-mm cavity in the knob of the 30.8-mm wood bat, the smart bat with a natural feel and no distractions. Trout debuted the bat during spring training in Phoenix, but Zepp expects the bat to be publicly available this June.

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