Geared up for MLB playoffs: The best apparel for every postseason team

From old-school T-shirts to cold-weather classics to the perfect hat, here’s a roundup of what baseball fans need to look their best—while praying their teams play their best—this October.
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Hit up any big-box sports apparel site right now and you’ll be inundated with marketing copy and images pushing their MLB Playoff gear. Stuff like this hat. My problem with that is simple: What happens if your team is eliminated? You’re stuck with a 2016 MLB POSTSEASON hat that will forever remind you of your team’s failure to get the job done. Hello, garage sale.

(And yes, I realize this is an overly pessimistic viewpoint, but I’m a Dodgers fan and have co-workers whose parents hadn’t even met the last time L.A. lifted a banner. Give me some grace.)

Here’s the other thing: I love the lifestyle aspect of sports, and have been writing about the football version at The MMQB for the past few months. This week, I’m on loan to the team and they asked me to lay out the best gear for fans geeked about the MLB Playoffs. So below, I tackle the eight teams remaining and make my favorite picks based on style, wearability, comfort, weather, value and originality. And since ladies love the long ball, too, I asked my wife for help making the women’s selections.

​Click on the bold red links below for purchasing information, and let me know what I missed via email or Twitter. Let’s get to it.

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Boston Red Sox


Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. No. 1. Red Sox fandom is like a family heirloom, passed down each generation. This hand-painted bat would be a good representation of that.

Jacket: Mitchell & Ness Authentic BP Knit. The Red Sox are staples in October, so you’d get good wear out of this jacket for many falls to come. 

Belt: Smathers & Branson Cooperstown Needlepoint. Be the envy of Cape Cod in the summer with one of these needlepoint belts.

Hat: New Era Low Profile 59FIFTY. No need to overthink this one. Best hat in the American League.

Tie: Vineyard Vines Print Silk. Because the working man needs to show off his pride too. Just promise you won’t wear it to the ballpark.

T-Shirt: Barstool Sports Win Dance Repeat. It’s the Red Sox, so you knew there was going to be some quirky meme to latch onto. Win. Dance. Repeat. is it this season.

More Playoff Picks: Doesn’t get any better than the iconic Red Sox typeface on this Nike hoodie. ... Grow a moustache, buy this shirt and—boom—Wade Boggs Halloween costume.

For the Female Fans: It’s impossible to overdo what is arguably the best logo in the MLB. Go with this sleek half-zip andtasseled knit beanie for home games, this sweatshirt if you’re cheering from the couch and these because saying “Sox socks” never gets old.

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Cleveland Indians


T-Shirt: GV Art Cleveland Windians. Cleveland folks swear by GV Art & Design apparel, and I like the original look of the tee. 

Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. No. 28. I have long been an admirer of this Nashville-based brand, and this may be one of the sleekest bats in the collection.

Jacket: Under Armour MVP Decoration Full Zip. Don’t love the Indians down by the sleeve cuff, but willing to look past it for Chief Wahoo and the overall simplicity.

Jersey: Ebbets Field Flannels Cleveland Buckeyes 1946. Nobody does vintage better than Ebbets. If originality is important to you, it’s a safe bet you’ll be the only one at Progressive Field wearing it. 

T-Shirt: Cleveland Clothing Co. Bertman Ballpark Mustard. Fell in love with this on a trip to The Jake in the 90s. Old-school, baseball-related brands are the best, like this one from Homage

Hat: 47 Brand Franchise Cooperstown Collection. Set off the P.C. crowd with this older version of Wahoo, which features a more straight-on look.

• Hoodie: Nike MLB Performance. As much as I enjoy Wahoo, it’s hard to deny the glory of the simple “C” too. Really like this hoodie. 

More Playoff Picks: Red Jacket shirts are super soft, and the design on this one is on point. ... Didn’t like it at first, but this Nike hat is growing on me. Tribe is the best nickname of a nickname in the game.

For the Female Fans: Some call it a jinx. Some call it faith. If this is your year, this is your sweatshirt. … If your mom had a tribe pullover stashed in the back of her closet from the 70s, it'd look like this.

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Texas Rangers


Jacket: Nike Cooperstown Tempo Performance Track. Oh man, the light blue. Embrace the past, Rangers fans, while cheering for the present.

Hat: 47 Brand 1993 Cooperstown Cleanup. I like a red lid. Brightens everything up and easy to spot should your friends or family lose you at the ballpark. 

Pullover: Nike Dri-Fit Touch Fleece Half-Zip. See, I can like new logos too. Really like the nod to baseball raglan styling here, as well.

Wallet: Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Card. For those who like a streamlined wallet, this will fit a couple cards (credit + license) and some cash. What more do you need?

Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. MBCO-A2. What will you do with a striped bat? Display it. Hold it. Take it to batting practice. Limitless possibilities.

T-Shirt: Fresh Brewed Tees Adrian Beltre for President. Easily the most fun player in baseball. I’ll be rooting for the Rangers to go far, just so we can see more of his and Elvis Andrus’ antics

Jersey: Ebbets Field Flannels Texas Black Spiders 1938. I’m not a big jersey guy, but I’ll make exceptions for these awesome Ebbets’ reproductions.

More Playoff Picks: It’s like they lifted it right off Nolan Ryan’s head and put it up for sale. ... More light blue, old-school fun, in T-shirt form.

For the Female Fans: Taking off for Toronto? Wear this Beltre hoodie on the plane then honor the other captain by throwing these ridiculously awesome mascot gloves in your overnight bag.

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Toronto Blue Jays


Print: Prinstant Replay Touch 'Em All Edwin. It’s already been a memorable postseason for the Blue Jays. Commemorate Edwin Encarnacion’s wild-card walkoff with this cool print.

Hat: American Needle 1972 - 400 Series Snapback. I’m jealous of those who have the head to pull off a flat brim, because I don’t. Hats like these make me wish I did. 

Hoodie: Majestic Distressed Tri-Blend Full Zip. A little too hipster? Sure. But comfortable AF? You bet. 

T-Shirt: Cooperstown All-Star Exclusive. Throw it on back to the days of John Olerud and Joe Carter with this cool blast from the past.

Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. No. 56. Perfect for living room reinterpretations of the Joey Bat Flip. (Note: I’m not liable for any living room damage incurred.)

T-Shirt: Mint League Blue Birds. Maple Leafs and Baseball. That’s what Toronto does.

More Playoff Picks: Another cool wall art option. ... An unrealistic price tag, but had to link it up because of those stamped leather stitches. Very cool.

For the Female Fans: Women usually have to choose between looking stylish and staying warm, but not with this pullover. Think how well your Joey Bats Brooch Boyfriend—oh yes, that’s a thing—will look against the blue background of this hoodie.  

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Washington Nationals


T-Shirt: 500 Level Bryce Harper Cartoon. Bryce Harper is a national treasure and it’s time we start treating him like one. This caricature shirt is a good place to start.

Hat: Cooperstown Collection 1953-60 Throwback. The loopy, cursive W has never been my favorite, so go with this old-school version, produced when fonts were much simpler.

Key Fob: Smathers & Branson Needlepoint. Subtlety in fandom can go a long way.

Vest: Under Armour Performance Vest. Vests are perfect layering options for the fall, when weather can vary. Plus, it’s easy to rip off in case Dusty’s managerial decisions leave you hot under the collar.

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: Distressed Tri-Blend Raglan. As tempting as it will be to wear this under the vest mentioned above, please don’t. One logo per outfit is plenty. (If you must go two—and I get it; you’re excited, it’s October—then hat/scarf/accessory + shirt/hoodie/jacket is acceptable.)

T-Shirt: Nike Tri-Blend DNA. The buttery soft material on these tees is perfect for a casual game watch at a District bar. 

Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. A-1. Maybe your dad’s a Nats fan, and you’ll be looking for Christmas ideas in a couple months. Here ya go.

More Playoff Picks: This might be a stretch as a Nationals item, but it’s still pretty cool. ... Really like the circle logo on this Nike tee

For the Female Fans: Can you put a price on looking great without having to do your ’do? This beanie and cadet cap say so. Speaking of hair, this long-sleeve honors the Nats’ mane man.

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Chicago Cubs


T-Shirt: Mint League This is The Year. Novelty Cubs shirts are a dime a dozen, especially around Wrigleyville, so stand out with this one from Mint League, a new kid on the block.

Scarf: Wrigleyville Reversible Split Logo. If the Cubs play as late into October as everyone expects (hopes? prays?), this scarf will be useful.

Hat: New Era Logo Cuffed Knit. I’m all for any way you can incorporate that perfectly round, iconic “C” onto your person. 

Hoodie: Mitchell & Ness Away Team. This looks insanely soft and wearable, perfect to cloak yourself in and provide comfort when the Cubs tear out your heart and stomp on your soul. Again.

Hat: 47 Brand Cooperstown Circle Logo Fitted. The Cubs have such rich history and so many awesome logos, it’s almost unfair.

Wallet: Fielders Choice Goods Banks Billfold. The wallet is named after Cubs legend Ernie Banks, so let’s buy two! (Really, one will suffice.)

Print: Art of Sport Chicago North. Can you wear this? Of course not. Should it stop you from framing it and putting it on whatever wall you prize the most in your home? Nope.

More Playoff Picks: Manager Joe Maddon is a fave, so honor his slogan with this shirt. ... Team pride and city pride go hand in hand. ... Anothergreat logo on this hoodie.

For the Female Fans: If Anthony Rizzo comes barreling at you to catch a foul pop-up, you’ll likely catch his eye in this fuzzy lumberjack hat. For a slightly more subtle statement, we’re digging the drawstring waist and alternating red and blue lettering on this hoodie.

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San Francisco Giants


Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: Majestic Cooperstown Will Clark Raglan. It’s way too easy to hop on the Giants bandwagon now. If you’ve long been loyal, you know the glory of Will The Thrill and should show it with this raglan. 

Hat: 47 Brand MLB Breakaway Cuff Knit. If you’re headed to the Cove and place a high value on feeling your ears, this is a must.

Jacket: Ebbets Field Flannels 1940 Seals Authentic. Technically, it’s a San Francisco Seals jacket, but it’s so awesome—and perfect for cold AT&T nights—I had to include.  

T-Shirt: Red Jacket Twofold Crewneck. It’ll be Halloween soon, so Giants apparel for now, pumpkin costume for later. Win-win. 

Hat: Fielders Choice Goods SF Rivalry Series. Wool hat, green satin under the bill, leather adjustment strap and old baseball glove accents. Perfection in hat form.

T-Shirt: Fresh Brewed Tees Mad Bum. I can’t lie: as a Dodgers fan, I LOATHE Madison Bumgarner. All baseball fans outside San Francisco do too. Giants fans know this and can revel in their hero’s hot-headedness by sporting this shirt.

More Playoff Picks:This hoodie is another good option for those typically frigid nights by the Bay. ... This pennant would look good in the office or home.

For the Female Fans: This black-and-tan logo sweater + this orange beanie = a win no matter what Buster and the boys do on the field.

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Los Angeles Dodgers


T-Shirt: Vin Scully Microphone ($23.95). The man worked the same job for 67 years. The least you could do is wear this shirt to pay your respect.

Hat: American Needle Soft Mesh Back ($23). I own this, and it gets my full endorsement. So comfortable, you’ll forget it's there—until Dodger bats go flat and you reach for a rally cap.

Hoodie: Majestic Tri-Blend Full Zip ($79). First-pitch temps in the 70s and final-out temps in the 60s calls for the most overused piece of clothing in SoCal: the hoodie.

Sweatshirt: Nike CP Hybrid Pullover ($85). It can get deceivingly cold at Dodger Stadium at night, so this is a good option if you’re headed to the Ravine.

Flask: Smathers & Branson Needlepoint. True story: My Tennessee buddy shipped up a bottle of good bourbon this week, the result of a lost fantasy football bet. It’ll come in handy, like this flask, for calming October nerves. 

Bat: Mitchell Bat Co. A-22. Remember how Tom Cruise thought better with his bat in “A Few Good Men?” That’s a useful way to utilize these.

More Playoff Picks: The classic LA logo deservedly gets all the love, but don’t sleep on this one. ... Unbeatable combo: raglan + distressed logo.

For the Female Fans: It’s a song, a statement and a hoodie. It’s October. Let’s do this, Dodgers. … What’s that wet stuff falling from the D.C. sky? This logo baseball has a poncho inside.

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