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Watch: Mountain bikers make trippy video at fantasy playground in Wisconsin

Mountain bike athletes Kenny Belaey and Thomas Oehler get creative on giant fiberglass statue molds in Sparta, Wisconsin.

Mountain bike athletes Kenny Belaey and Thomas Oehler travled to Sparta, Wisc., the self-proclaimed "Bicycle Capital of America" to find a new adventure for an epic riding session. What they found was unexpected, but totally awesome: a nine-acre lot with more than 600 rideable fiberglass statue molds.

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The space is managed by a fiberglass manufacturing business named Fast Corp, which specializes in developing giant statues, roadside attractions, themed water slides, and larger-than-life creations of all kinds, from giant elephants, to large pumpkin sculptures to mascots and logos of well-known brands. After 35 years in the business, Fast Corp has collected hundreds of molds that they used to create the sculptures, leaving Belaey and Oehler a fantasy wonderland to test out their bike skills on.

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Watch below as Belaey and Oehler showcase their mountain bike skills on everything from a locomotive roof to a 20-foot trojan horse drop.

Besides being the backdrop to Belaey and Oehler's trippy video, the town of Sparta is also home of the first rails to trails project in America.