Peter Odemwingie Tried To Force A Transfer And It Backfired Quite Embarassingly

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Each year, as the clock approaches 11 p.m. GMT on Jan. 31, fans have made a tradition of surrounding their respective Premier League team’s headquarters, hassling and photobombing TV reporters while they wait to see which players will arrive to finalize a deal.

So when Peter Odemwingie pulled up to QPR’s Loftus Road and did a quick interview with Sky Sports News, the hometown fans could be forgiven for thinking they had landed the star forward. After all, Odemwingie had taken to Twitter to force through a move, and now here he was, telling the TV cameras that he was starting “a new chapter” in his life.

The only problem? He hadn’t been invited.

Odemwingie had never been given permission by West Brom to negotiate with the London club, and as such, he was stuck in limbo -- QPR was not opening its doors.

And they never did: despite his proactive approach, Odemwingie is still a West Brom player.

Today, Odemwingie once again spoke to the media, announcing his hope that he and his club “find a way forward which is suitable for everyone.”

After all, Odemwingie doesn’t seem to have been lying when he said that he thought he was joining QPR. This is what he told Sky Sports News today: "I went round to thank everyone in the club, the laundry, left some autographs. I promised to come back next week. I will miss them. I went to see everyone to say thanks very much. In my opinion everything was done right."

Regardless of who is to blame for the mix-up, Odemwingie is still with West Brom and will presumably be at Sunday’s match when the Baggies visit Tottenham Hotspur.

If he does make an appearance, expect West Brom fans to pepper Odemwingie with boos. The Twittersphere, meanwhile, has already given Spurs fans a few ideas of its own.