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He's Just Begging To Get Mocked

Dwight Howard :: Getty Images

Dwight Howard

Since the cool thing to do these days is bash Dwight Howard, I thought I'd join in by showing you the jacket he wore to last night's game against the Celtics.

Everyone Loves Stick Figures

The latest chapter in the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry features dueling cartoons. Well, one cartoon and one drawing. The  Louisville Courier-Journal mocked the Wildcats over Noel Nerlens' season-ending injury, which prompted John Calipari's daughter fired back with her own piece of artwork.

So Informative

Forget back screens, pick-and-rolls, clear outs and any other play an NBA player might teach you. The Spurs'  Patty Mills is here to guide on the fine art of towel waving.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ashley Ann Vickers :: Courtesy Justin Macala

Ashley Ann Vickers

Paul, of Dublin, Ireland, says, "Ashley Ann Vickers would make a great LLOD." Obviously, I agree since the model has gotten the honor a couple of times before, but Vickers is overdue for another appearance, so she gets today's honor.

Well Done

Loyal members of Hot Clicks Nation know that there are few things we love more than celebrations. This postgame firing squad ceremony from a Russian hockey league team may be the best one we've ever seen.

Giveaway Of The Day


No, we're not giving away iPhones, but we are giving away something for gamers: the "Brick" joystick for smartphones. The first five people to e-mail me ( the correct answer to the question below win the joystick. You must e-mail me (do not fill out form at bottom) and put "CONTEST" in the subject line.

1. Rafael Nadal is currently wearing a watch valued at how much money?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed.

Social Experiment Video Of The Day

This took place on the BYU campus. If any high school kids are reading Hot Clicks, apply there now. If any parents who have a daughter in college are reading Hot Clicks, call her now and tell her she shouldn't be so trusting.

Ping Pong Video Of The Day

I know I'm late on this and it's on every blog now, but in case you missed it, here is a ping pong shot for the ages.