By Bryan Armen Graham
May 20, 2013

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Reactions to the $1.1B acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo! have ranged from shock to schadenfreude, as conveyed by the typically understated brilliance of today's Taiwanese animated news report:


Yet despite the oh-so-subtle cynicism of the video, any fears that Yahoo! will make Tumblr more corporate and less irreverent are seemingly unfounded. If anything, Yahoo! appears to be running fast in the opposite direction—and that means it will be weird, funny, beautiful business as usual for these 22 sports-themed Tumblrs.

1. Stadium Love

The best source for cool-looking arena photos this side of /r/stadiumporn, this longrunning hub serves up a healthy variety of old- and new-school offerings. Stadium Love

2. Smokin' Jay Cutler

Photos of Jay Cutler doing what Jay Cutler does, just with a cigarette Photoshopped into his mouth.


3. LOL Jocks

Though infrequently updated, the archives alone are worth the price of admission.

LOL Jocks LOL Jocks

4. The Beauty Of Sports

Those moved by the majesty of a gorgeous sports photo will find a lot to enjoy here.

The Beauty Of Sports The Beauty Of Sports

5. OmniGriffey

The life and times of Ken Griffey Jr.: about a million times cooler than you remember.

omni OmniGriffey

6. Vintage Sports Pictures

The name isn't misleading.


7. F--k Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams

Because there's no such thing as too many dunk photos with the HLN legal commentator's face Photoshopped in.

F--k Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams F--k Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams

8. Mighty Flynn

Photos, quotes, sentiments that remind you why you love the game of baseball.


9. Got 'Em Coach

An irreverent one-stop shop for all things NBA.

Got 'Em Coach Got 'Em Coach

10. SI Photos

We've been at this for 59 years. We have some decent photos.

Walter Iooss Jr./SI Walter Iooss Jr./SI

11. Old Time Family Baseball

One of the more prolific hubs on the Tumblr circuit, this baseball-crazy site offers up a little bit of everything.

legends Old Time Family Baseball

12. Baseball Card Vandals

Old baseball cards made art with a fresh layer of Sharpie.


13. Get Banged On

If eye-popping dunks are your thing, this next-age highlight reel will sate your fix.


14. BuzzFeed Sports

Where GIFs go to thrive.

15. Flip Flop Fly Ballin'

It's unfair how consistently superlative this baseball-minutia-related Tumblr is, considering the proprietor's main site,, is home to some of the slickest infographics ever committed to internet (and actual) paper.


16. NBA Doppelgangers

NBA players and their uncanny lookalikes populate this fan favorite.

NBA Doppelgangers NBA Doppelgangers

17. HELL YES NFL in the 90s

A photo archive with a very specific and satisfying theme.


18. Double Scribble

Great name, great logo, triple-great NBA-themed artwork, updated daily.

Muideen Ogunmola Muideen Ogunmola

19. The Agony of Defeat

Sad sports people are sad.

The Agony Of Defeat The Agony Of Defeat

20. Kicks On Cards

Providing the invaluable service of identifying the pair of sneakers being worn in various basketball cards.


(Wearing the Reebok Pump Vertical)

21. Train Hard - Fight Easy

Photos, videos and GIFs from the neverending circus that is mixed martial arts.

mma Train Hard - Fight Easy

22. Sport Balls Replaced With Cats

An Extra Mustard favorite, the title speaks for itself.

cats Sport Balls Replaced With Cats

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