These 10 Videos Prove That Feared Linebacker Brian Urlacher Was a Frightful Actor

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Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher retired today after a superlative 13-year career. There are many things that can be said about the way he approached the game, and how he was a tough, model teammate who played his entire career in Chicago. But they won't be said here. We're only concerned with Brian Urlacher the actor—and in that arena, his career wasn't quite as distinguished.

10. Entourage cameo, 2010

Will Urlacher go into business selling tequila with Turtle?

9. Nike Commercial, 2005

What if Brian Urlacher played hockey?


8. Xfinity Commercial, 2012

Urlacher is here to defend you from DirecTV's "Big Deal."

7. Nike Commercial, 2005

Urlacher and a host of other elite athletes looked pretty mean in Nike spandex.

6. Vitamin Water Commercial, 2007

Vitamin Water gives Urlacher the strength to tackle real Bears.

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5. TNA Wrestling, 2004

Now that he's got the time, can Urlacher pretty please make more pro wrestling appearances?

4. Comcast Commercial, 2007

Would you rather give up Comcast for a day or get tackled by Brian Urlacher?


3. Vitamin Water Commercial, 2007

Urlacher and David Ortiz make a formidable badminton team.

2. Old Spice Commercial, 2008

Watch Old Spice Swagger transform "Brian Urlacher" from meek to, well, Brian Urlacher.

1. Fathead Commercial, 2007

That's him in the bear costume.

Important note

Urlacher also made an appearance on According to Jim in 2002

According to Jim