By Ryan Glasspiegel
June 10, 2013

Every Monday, Extra Mustard will post the 10 best mostly-sports Vines of the previous seven days. At six seconds apiece, it will take you one minute to watch them all. It will be a good minute.

(Click the X-ed out speaker on each one to enable audio, then click on the video to play.)

:00-:06 Former Raptor Chris Bosh gets Jurassic Park'd.

:06-:12 Kyrie Irving and his crew are men of the world.

 :13-:18 A compelling argument for the LeBron-proofing of NBA courts.

:19-:24 Jay-Z's accountant struggles to keep up.

:25-:30 It's a problem-free Phil-osophy.

:31-:36 Brandon League bobbles head on bobblehead day.

:37-:42 Elmo has been taught how to Dougie.

:43-:48 Nate Robinson's daughter demonstrates impeccable feet-first sliding technique.

:49-:54 Taylor Swift's "Stay Stay Stay": The anthem of Russell Westbrook's recovery.

:55-1:00 Donte Stallworth is proud to be an American, where at least he knows he's free to sing badly.

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