By Extra Mustard
August 01, 2013

nicole-cheerleader-600Hometown: Longwood, Fla.

College: University of Miami

Majored in: Architecture (senior)

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My friends would be surprised to know that I: Have spent most of my summers for the past 14 years in Wyoming, camping, fly fishing, hiking, white water rafting, and horseback riding.  I absolutely love the outdoors and I can never seem to spend enough time out west!

Three people I’d like to have dinner with (living or dead):

1. Chris Farley because I think he is the funniest man ever! And I wouldn’t feel bad about all the food I really wanted to eat.

2. Gordon Ramsay the chef from Hell's Kitchen because I think it would be interesting to hear him critique the food the entire time.

3. Nastia Lukin because when I was a gymnast, she was one of my greatest inspirations.

My celebrity crush: Channing Tatum… No explanation needed.

If I had to watch one movie or TV show over and over, it would be: White Chicks.  Even though I know all the words, I still laugh every time.

The top three items on my bucket list:

1. I’ve always wanted to break a world record. Im not sure which one it would be yet but I’m working on it!

2. Step foot on all seven continents!

3. Go sky diving!

My favorite websites/blogs: I don’t have too much time to just surf the web but when I really have nothing better to do Pintrest and Stumbleupon always keeps me entertained!

My favorite app: The app store… just imagine an iPhone without one!

The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me during a game: It was a home game against USF and it had rained during the first half but it had stopped by the time we came out for the second.  We thought it was dry enough to tumble in the end zone for a touchdown. I tumbled first slipping on the wet grass, the next cheerleader trips over me, everyone was slipping and falling… needless to say our “dog pile” was probably more exciting than the actual touchdown itself!

My favorite professional team: The Orlando Magic because I was born and raised bleeding that blue and white! I have had season tickets since I could walk and was even a Junior Magic Dancer when I was younger!

My favorite person to follow on Twitter: #iwouldneverletmyboyfrienddo, @yaboybillnye

The coolest person that follows me on Twitter or Facebook:  My grandmother because who would’ve thought she would be keeping up with social media better than me!

If you looked at the “most played” songs on my iPod, you’d see a lot of: An even balance of country and electronic music to satisfy my love of the west and my Miami lifestyle.

My worst habit: Being forgetful. There isn’t a time I can remember where I have left the house without having to run back inside to grab something.

The talent I’d most like to have: To have a great voice so I could rock it at karaoke every Tuesday at Mr. Moes!

My one guilty pleasure: Not setting an alarm and laying in bed all day skipping all responsibilities!

My worst date: It was my sophomore year in high school.  My boyfriend had picked me to take me to dinner.  He was trying to be so polite opening up doors for me, pushing my chair in, etc. After what I had thought was a successful date, he goes to open up my door to the car and hits me in the face… my lips swell up and turn purple.  The worst part is… I don’t even want to know what my parents thought happened when they saw my face. Haha.

I’d want my last meal to be: 

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