By Ryan Glasspiegel
August 02, 2013


Well, so much for Wednesday's Hot Clicks feel good story of the day. Just a few days after Iraq war veteran Megan Welter was lauded for earning a spot on the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading squad, the other shoe fell. 3TV reports:

On July 20, [Welter] was arrested for alleged assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage. According to Scottsdale police, Welter and her boyfriend had been drinking excessively when they got into an argument that turned physical. Welter's boyfriend recorded video of the incident with his cell phone. In the video, Welter can be heard asking "Who is she?" and repeatedly demanding her boyfriend give her his phone.

Welter reportedly told officers her boyfriend attacked her first, pushing her and even choking her. According to the police report, however, there were no marks on her -- no bumps or bruises, no signs that she had been  hit or strangled as she claimed.

3TV's story also contains the video that Welter's unidentified boyfriend took of the incident, as well as a statement that he released, which read, in part, "People make mistakes, no one is perfect. I honestly want the best for her and I hope that this doesn't take away from the good things that she has done ... Now with that said, violence is never the answer and I honestly hope that this can be a learning experience for her and everyone else."

Via Inquisitr, here is video of the Scottsdale police arriving on the scene:


No word yet on how this will affect her standing with the Cardinals.


Business Insider

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