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A Comedian Sought to Ruin the Integrity of Mock Fantasy Drafts. Mission Accomplished.

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles

The NFL season is about two weeks away, which means we're waist-deep in fantasy football draft season. While the most impatient and foolhardy of fantasy GMs have already held their drafts (have fun when your first-round pick breaks his hip in a preseason game, you guys), the true gamers are still hard at work reading reports, listening to podcasts, and, for the particularly committed, participating in mock drafts. Because they give the best sense of where players are being selected, and therefore help players formulate their strategies, the mock drafts can be especially important.

That's why they're perfect for trolling.

And so, a comedian named Stefan (@boring_as_heck) joined a series of mock drafts and made ... unstrategic selections.


Fans of chaos and / or sixth-string Packers running back Angelo Pease can find more of the imprudent picks on Stefan's blog.


Boring as Heck

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