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It's the Latest Bobby Valentine Sighting: In a Bar, Dishing About Dustin Pedroia

Former MLB skipper Bobby Valentine, who most recently managed the disastrous 2012 Red Sox, is now the athletic director of Sacred Heart University—but as evidenced by this random bar video, he still loves sharing anecdotes about his old MLB charges. When a fellow patron brought up Dustin Pedroia, Valentine divulged some interesting (and NSFW) stories about the second baseman:

He's like the windup baseball player...He's in uniform at 10 in the morning, and he's walking around with his batting gloves on and his bat. And it'd be a night game. It's f*cked up.

His handshake is much weaker than the waitress who's waiting on you guys. It's not a dead fish. It's a handshake, just like this girl's handshake.

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He gets hit with like 95-mph pitches on his hand, the hand looks like this, you think it's broken in eight places. The next morning, it's not swollen. He says, 'Oh, I'm different than everyone else.'

More videos of Bobby Valentine telling baseball stories while drinking, please.


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