By Jimmy Traina
September 10, 2013

Wes Welker :: Baltimore Sun/Getty Images Wes Welker :: Baltimore Sun/Getty Images You played in an eventful game in Week 1 -- lightning delays, seven touchdown for Peyton Manning, you had a dropped punt but scored two touchdowns. What were your thoughts on the game?

Welker: Obviously, there were some ups and downs, with the muffed punt. But those bad plays happen. It's how you respond to them and try to make more good plays than bad. It was an OK game for me. I hold myself to a higher standard than what I showed out there. What did you think of Peyton Manning's performance?

Welker: He's a great quarterback and did a great job of leading us down the field, but I really wasn't paying attention to it. I was just trying to focus on me and my job and help our team move the ball down the field and score points. Since you played a Thursday night game, were you able to watch football on Sunday?

Welker: I saw a little bit of a lot of games. I was in and out of the house. I got to enjoy a little bit of Sunday night football, a lot more than what I usually get to see. You play the Giants this week. Were you able to scout them a little bit?

Welker: Absolutely. Anytime you get a chance to look at the guy you're going to be up against, or what coverages they're running, it's good. You get different angles than on your regular film, too. It's good to catch those games and see how it goes, check the adjustments they made and keep track of them all. Speaking of New York, you had a memorable press conference a few years ago in which you mocked Rex Ryan's foot fetish. Now that you're away from the Patriots and Bill Belichick, is there anything you'd like to say about Rex Ryan?

Welker: No. I think we've all moved on from that. Did you plan on using all those lines or was that all off the top of your head?

Welker: I'm kind of moved on from all that stuff. I'm just focusing on the Giants and this season. I'm not getting into any of that stuff. A lot of people think defensive players are faking injuries more these days. What do you think?

Welker: It's tough to really say. As fast as offense are going these days, I think you do see it a little bit more and there's nothing really you can do. You just gotta keep doing your job. In terms of personality, who is the Rob Gronkowski of the Broncos?

Welker: I don't think there is one. That guy is one of a kind. You recently tied the knot. Your wife, Ashley Burns, has been featured in Hot Clicks a couple of times. How's married life treating you?

Welker: It's been good. We've enjoyed the married life. It's always nice to have some to come home to after a long day and cooking and doing all hose things and spending all your time with them. How often do you hear from fans about Fantasy Football.

Welker: All the time. Where they drafted me, whether I scored them points, whether I didn't score them points. They kinda live and die by your performance. Does it bother you?

Welker: It's part of the deal. It gets the fans excited and they enjoy it. I get it. What's the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you?

Welker: "I named my kid after you." You recently did a series of really offbeat commercials for Old Spice. Did you have fun doing those?

Welker: Absolutely. They're very different and very creative. But basically we're just celebrating the new product line and "Unnecessary Freshness." It's so fresh to the point where it's unnecessary. Can you be too fresh?

Welker: I didn't think you could be until you put on Old Spice.

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