Vassar Soccer Player Takes Progressively More Ridiculous Roster Photos

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Chances are you've never heard of Evan Seltzer, a men's soccer player for Vassar College. In the above video, Seltzer looks ridiculous with his hair shaved in a ring around his face, as he deadpans about future career aspirations. But how did we get to this point? Let's go back to the year 2010.

Seltzer has added some sort of twist to his roster photo for the past four seasons. For Seltzer's freshman season, he started simple, adding a little derp to create a face only a mother could love.


Now a sophomore, Seltzer combined some hair gel, a popped collar, a thin handlebar mustache, and the kissiest of all kissy faces to make the masterpiece you see below.


Seltzer took it up another level in 2012 with a dirty-blonde mohawk and an excellent snarl.


Finally, Seltzer had matured. He provided a normal face for his senior roster photo and--wait. Never mind. For his grand finale, Seltzer went with the hairstyle that can only be called a "Vertical Monk."


Bravo, Evan Seltzer. You changed the game of outstanding roster photos forever.


R.J. Rico