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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reprises Airplane! Role for Ad

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This might be a surprise now, given the degree to which the parody-movie has fallen--the most recent one, Scary Movie 5, has a Rotten Tomatoes percentage of four--but when Airplane! came out in 1980, it was a major hit and jumpstarted the parody-movie genre that includes gems such as Naked Gun, Hot Shots, and Loaded Weapon.

One of the most memorable roles in Airplane! was that of co-pilot Roger Murdock, played by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (or rather, Kareem was playing himself posing as a pilot named Roger Murdock).

Well, 33 years after the original film's release, Kareem is reprising his old role of Murdock along with Robert Hays, and he's doing so in a Milwaukee Bucks jersey.

lamented the Lakers' then-mediocre supporting cast in the film

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