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These People Want Your Money: Apparently The Greatest Lacrosse Video Game Ever Made

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Project: Lacrosse '14

Cash Ask: $210,000

Concept: A lacrosse video game that not only features great gameplay and graphics, but a full-blown tribute to the sport with a mode that covers its history dating back to Native Americans.

Creators: Carlo Sunseri, a former-Division-I-lacrosse-player-turned-game-developer, has teamed up with Big Ant Studios to try to make Lacrosse '14. Sunseri is no stranger to the genre, having released -- through his company Crosse Studios -- three college lacrosse games and two licensed National Lacrosse League games. Sunseri argues Lacrosse '14 will be, by far, the best of the bunch, claiming to feature state of the art graphics, animation, and game modes, including season, dynasty, and online play.

Worth funding? If you love the sport of lacrosse, definitely. Sunseri has played the sport his entire life and the previous games he's developed have gotten solid reviews. But, sadly, lacrosse isn't exactly football (or even, say, pro wrestling) when it comes to popularity as a sport in North America. So far the game has raised $38,282 from 575 backers, less than a quarter of the way to its lofty goal.

According to the game's Kickstarter page, the game features dynamic motion capture, advanced stick controls, and collision detection, so the gameplay should be polished. The graphics, at least going off the press photos, do seem to be the best of any lacrosse game by far. So again: lacrosse fans should go gaga over this.

Suggested pledge: $45 gets you the game for your XBox 360 or PS3.