By Ben Sin
November 06, 2013


We just wrote about NBA 2K14's right analog stick controls and how, for the first time in the series' history, the right stick has been fully utilized. Now NBA Live 14 -- the innovator of the "dribbling with the right stick" system -- comes back with new information regarding its new system, named "bounceTek."

EA Sports's NBA Live blog  revealed new screenshots that provides a visual guide to pulling off dribbling moves with the stick.

nba live dribble

While these moves look typical of what has been available on 2K (or even Live's own game from nearly a decade ago), the Live team claims on their blog that each player has his own dribbling rhythm.

For example:

"Kyrie (Irving) has an explosive, quick style which means his dribbles are going to be fast and furious. Carmelo's (Anthony) style is more methodical, so you'll be looking to lull a defender by working off his hesitation move. Since you have to respect his jumper, his hesitation move becomes even more devastating."

Here's an official Live 14 video showcasing the dribbling animations and how each player has his own rhythm.


Meanwhile, new screenshots of the next-gen Live 14 have emerged.

livegraphic (1)

what 2K14 has been flaunting

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