Rob Gronkowski Answers Superpower Hypothetical with Most Gronk Answer Ever

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles

We knew it was going to be an excellent Gronkowski interview when the animated Patriots tight end struggled to identify what sandwich he was eating at that very moment. "Steak...?" Gronk asked, before Patriots color commentator and interviewer Scott Zolak helped him out, clarifying "the new breakfast steak, egg and cheese," leading to a Gronk chuckling fit. (Listen here.)

But the sandwich mix-up was just the appetizer for Gronk's subsequent confusion of time-travel and regular-travel. Boston's 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich aired therelevant segment of Gronk's interview with Zolak, in which Zolak relayed a fan question to the tight end, and it went like this:

Zolak: If you could have a superpower, what would that one superpower be?

Gronkowski: Man, like, a time machine.

Zolak: You could be invisible.

Gronkowski: Does time machine count?

Zolak: Yeah, let’s do it. We could build a time machine right here.

Gronkowski: Like, if I could just be like, “I want to be in Florida right now,” and then boom, I’m in Florida.

Zolak: That’d be more like a transporter, like…

Gronkowski: Yeah, is that a superpower?

Not really, Gronk, but we get your idea. So what if he's not very good with nouns? He's one of a small club of mere mortals who already does have this superpower:

via mysportsontap

via mysportsontap


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