By Ben Sin
November 25, 2013

batmobilemain Photo from Hammacher Schlemmer

About ten days ago, we wrote about a UK custom shop making a road-legal Batmobile with a working flamethrower. The Americans have responded. A team in Indiana going by the name of Fiberglass Freaks have built their own Batmobile. It’s also road-legal, and it, too, has a working flamethrower.

The biggest difference is, while the Brits made a replica of the ride Batman drove in the Tim Burton bat films, this American version of the Batmobile is of the campy 1960s Adam West TV show.

This ride has a 430 horsepower engine and is decorated with a Batphone and a Batscope – the former is functional while the latter is only for decoration. Not sure if it will come with Bat Shark Repellant Spray [ed note: That was the Batcopter]. This ride is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for just $200,000.

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