Rafael Nadal To Try His Hand at Poker in First Live Tournament

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Rafael Nadal has conquered tennis, now he’s looking to dominate a second sport. The number one ranked tennis player in the world will play in his first live poker tournament on December 12. Nadal, 27, picked up the game of poker a little over a year ago. Shortly after that, he was signed by online poker giant PokerStars to be a “poker ambassador”.

It took him about half a year, but Nadal won his first online poker tournament this past January. He's a bit cautious with his poker bankroll, though. The tournament he won to start the year was a €10 (about $13 USD) buy-in tourney. Nadal, who has an estimated net-worth of $70 million, won €152, about $205 USD.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nadal fares in a live tournament. His trainer, pro poker player Alfonso Cardalda, says Nadal has “learning the game of poker very seriously”. Perhaps we should get Novak Djokovic in the tourney with Nadal.

Since the tournament, part of the European Poker Tour, is for charity, let's hope Nadal forks out a little bit more than $13 dollars.


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