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Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Weekend Hot Clicks writer Brett Smiley with you today. Follow me on Twitter and send tips or hate mail to basmiley [at] gmail [dot] com.  

Promises, Promises

Paul Finebaum is the one on the left. (Twitter/@finebaum)

Paul Finebaum is the one on the left.  (Twitter/@finebaum)

Back in October when it seemed a pipe dream that a one loss Auburn squad might claw its way into the National Championship game, ESPN's resident SEC radio guy Paul Finebaum promised a Tigers fan who called in that if Auburn accomplished such a feat, Finebaum would take him to Pasadena "at the front of the line." Well, Auburn made it, but now the disgruntled fan, Joshua Smith, wrote on Facebook that Finebaum will not make good on his promise.

The hitch is that the terms of Finebaum's emphatic offer are a bit hazy: on air, he and the caller contemplated a scenario where Auburn would jump a team (Oregon or FSU) with no losses, so it's arguable that Auburn's alternate, incredible route to the title game doesn't satisfy the promise. Yet, it seems the spirit of the promise has been satisfied. In sum, Finebaum ought to take Smith to Pasadena or stop making full-throated promises. If he won't do it, maybe Charles Barkley will take Smith and smash Bloody Mary's with him in first class.

Adios, Tony Romo

If you haven't heard, Tony Romo had back surgery today, ending his season. Many people tried to make clever jokes on Twitter about Romo and the Cowboys and failed, but I did spot a couple good quips: Read Keith Olbermann's remark and then for a contrast, try the Iron Sheik's.

A Golf Story About an Angry John Rocker

This might be the king of all the John Rocker anecdotes (scroll down that page a bit).

Best of 2013

Feast your eyes on SI's best sports photos of 2013 ... Watch the best NBA viral videos of 2013 ... Check out the most pivotal plays of the 2013 NFL season (so far).

Lovely Lady Round-up

Instagram :: vanessa_lake

Instagram :: vanessa_lake

Get to know model and makeup artist Vanessa Lake on Instagram and Facebook; Inked Mag named their sports issue cover girl one of their best of 2013  ... The sexiest GIFs of 2013 ... The best of lovely women wearing yoga pants in 2013...  And Alex Morgan in a leopard onesie.

Interspecies Erotica

A sentence I could have never imaged writing: Here's a picture of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl cow mascot grabbing Johnny Manziel's chest at a Dave & Buster's.

Steve Kerr executes four-star photobomb

Kerr apparently has taken his unlikely assassin role into his broadcasting career.

Birdman's Tattoos Inspire Undies

Didn't get what you want for Christmas? In January, thanks to former Heat teammate Mike Miller, you'll be able to buy some thigh huggers styled like Birdman's tattoos.

Odds & Ends

An update on repeat speeding offenderJadeveon Clowney ... GIFs of all of Peyton Manning's 51 touchdowns this season, perfect for fantasy owners who rode his back to championships ... That movie you've been meaning to watch on Netflix might not be there come January 1 ... Dmitri "Da Meathook" Younglost a ton of weight ... Baseball players who wore numbers 80-89 ... Frank Beamerdancing in a sombrero ... The next athlete/pizza czar may be John Starks ... Some wishful thinking by a Lakers fan ... Hall of Famer Chris Doleman thinks a lot of today's NFL-ers are sissies.

Adorable Little Girl Shocked and Appalled to Receive Rival Team's Jersey

It's okay, there's a happy ending.

Spider-Man vs. Batman and Robin as MMA

This is not a cartoon.

Arnold Palmer Saves Christmas

The legendary golfer called in a favor to Santa for children at Arnold Palmer Hospital.