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Aaron Paul Repeatedly Calls Mike London His Signature Insult (for Charity)

Mehul Sanghani, a Virginia Tech graduate, recently made a generous donation to the Kind Campaign, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to confronting the negative effects of bullying. In exchange for his donation, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul recorded a message on Sanghani's behalf intended for Virginia head football coach Mike London. As can be seen above, the message begins with an earnest thank you from Paul before it launches into a super cut of Jesse Pinkman, the most beloved meth cook in America, repeatedly calling London a bitch. As far as stoking the flames of an in-state rivalry goes, this gets major points for creativity.

I counted 16 uses of the word bitch in total, which is actually just two fewer than the amount of wins that London has amassed in four seasons at Virginia. While this isn't the best way to cap off what was a disastrous 2-10 season for the Cavaliers, UVA fans can take heart in the fact that help is on the way in the form of a recruiting class featuring two 5 star prospects. Yeah, recruiting!

[SB Nation via The Key Play]