By Dan Treadway
January 02, 2014

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So this is how I imagine that the hat above, which was found by SB Nation's LSU blog "And The Valley Shook," came to fruition.


Hat CEO: "Gentlemen, you're our best LSU hat designers. I hate to put this on you after you've given our company so much, but we need you to design one more LSU hat that will forever change the course of human history. An item of apparel so unique that it is discussed and studied by future generations so that they may gain a better understanding of how we once lived. You have one minute. Best of luck."

(Boss leaves)

Hat Designer 1: "Let's make the hat camouflage!"

Hat Designer 2: "No dude, camo is a really sweet design to put on things that are worn in public but nobody would be able to see it in the store, because camo."

Hat Designer 1: "Shoot, you're right, let's think about this."

Hat Designer 2: "Okay, something's coming to me... the hat should be white so that it gets dirty very easily!"

Hat Designer 1: "Perfect! And it should have a Tiger logo on it because LSU's mascot is a Tiger!"

Hat Designer 2: "You're a damn genius! But wait... what if the Tiger on the hat... is also... WEARING A HAT!"

Hat Designer 1: "THAT'S ON BACKWARDS!"

Hat Designer 2: "AND CAMO!"

Hat Designers 1 and 2: "We'll make billions!"


Or something like that.

Also available at, this men's knit beanie that will scare the children:


[SB Nation]

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