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Stanford Marching Band Formed Snapchat Logo during Rose Bowl, Got It Wrong

snapchat logo

This is the Stanford marching band forming the logo of photo sharing app Snapchat (its founders, Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, developed the startup while attending Stanford) during halftime of their loss to Michigan State during yesterday’s Rose Bowl.

A cute tribute -- even if it’s for an app that’s widely associated with sexting -- but the band got it wrong by forming Snapchat’s old logo, a ghost with eyes and a mouth. You see, Snapchat was forced to remove the face from its logo in June due to an ongoing lawsuit.

old logo (left); new logo (right)

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(Basically, another former Stanford student is suing Spiegel and Murphy, claiming he helped founded Snapchat, including designing the logo’s face. Geez, must every startup be built on Social Network-like backstabbing drama?)