By Andy Gray
January 03, 2014

Hulk Hogan: Hero of the '80s

Hulk Hogan, who remains the only pro wrestler to ever appear on the SI cover, is back in the news after posting this bizarre video supporting the Patriots in their quest for a Super Bowl title. This led me to comb through our archives for these photos of the Hulkster in the '80s.

On Second Thought

New Orleans Times-Picayune photographer Michael DeMocker had a great idea to organize a “Rocky Run” up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Saints fans in town for Saturday's playoff game. Then some Eagles fans heard about the run and that was the end of that.  

A Sooner Celebration

Count Adrian Peterson among those Sooner fans partying on Bourbon Street after last night's Sugar Bowl.

(Throwback) Lovely Lady Of The Day

I've started using Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks as a chance to showcase a Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day (so far I've featured Nicole Eggert, Alyssa Milano and Tiffani Thiessen) but things got a little crazy yesterday so I pushed it back to today. And as luck would have it, today is the 39th birthday of Danica McKellar (aka - Winnie Cooper), which is the perfect excuse to give her Throwback LLOD honors.

What The Rock Says...

What do you get when you combine a cardboard cutout of The Rock and a woman with way too much time on her hands? The answer is here.

Joe Namath on Playoff Pressure

"I spent the nights before the Jets' two biggest games last year -- for the [1968] AFL championship and the Super Bowl -- with girls. But I don't consider that bad or foolish of me. [….] The night before a game, I prepare myself both mentally and physically for the next day. I think a ballplayer has to be relaxed to play well; and if that involves being with a girl that night, he should do it."

Joe Namath in a 1969 Playboy interview (check out Bookish for more words of wisdom from football's greats).

The 549th Best Pitcher in MLB History

Jeff Suppan has called it a career. According to SI's Jay Jaffe, he is the 549th best pitcher of all time.

Odds and Ends

The Phish song Wilson has become an anthem for Russell Wilson fans in Seattle. (The song is nearly three years older than the Seahawks quarterback) ... A minor league ballpark in Michigan caught on fire ... Love this video on how to save your parking space during a South Boston snowstorm ... Who knew that the Red Cross of Oklahoma was so funny ... According to Public Policy Polling, the Cowboys are America's least favorite team.

This Guy Has Handle

 Marcus LoVett Jr., a four star prospect at San Gabriel Academy (CA), showed off his dribbling skills while falling over.

This Guy Also Has Handle

Allen Iverson crossed up Michael Jordan during a 1997 Bulls-Sixers game.

Remembering The Music City Miracle

Did you know the Music City Miracle wasn't drawn up for Kevin Dyson. According to Derrick Mason, the play was designed for him but he was forced out of action due to a concussion.


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