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January 31, 2014

A.J. McCarron :: Greg Nelson/SI A.J. McCarron :: Greg Nelson/SI

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is the news spokesman for AXE Hair Gel. McCarron sat down with to discuss his swimsuit model girlfriend, haters on Twitter and (most importantly) his hair. So tell me what brings you here today.

AJ McCarron: I teamed up with Axe to promote their new hair gels. It's such a blessing to work with such a great company that has such a good reputation. It allows me to have a new look with the different types of gels that came out. They have a spiked-type look and a clean cut. The look I'm rocking today is the messy look if you like getting out of bed and just pushing it aside and going. It's a good opportunity for me to have a new image going into the next chapter of my life. I know you're prepping for the draft. What's your typical day like?

McCarron: I work 13 hours a day. We wake up at 6:30, go eat breakfast, then work out - usually throwing with some footwork drills thrown in. After that, we work on our core. Then we eat lunch. After lunch, we go into speed training and running. Then we do throwing again and eat dinner. After dinner we go into board work and break down film, talk about defenses and stuff like that. After that, we rehab our body and get a massage. Then we eat dinner again and call it a night. Who's the we?

McCarron: There's a bunch of us. Kevin Norwood, who's one of my teammates. Gabe Jackson from Mississippi State. Marquise Maze. Logan Kilgore. There's a mixture of guys. I saw you tweet out a photo of them today.

McCarron: Yup, that's them. Is there a current NFL quarterback you try to emulate?

McCarron: I think I play the game like Tom Brady, when it comes to how I move in the pocket. He was underrated coming out of college and I feel the same way. Hopefully when I get my opportunity, I'll be able to take it and run with it. Have you had a chance to meet Bill Belichick? I know he's close to Nick Saban.

McCarron: I have had a chance to meet him. He's come to practice and watched us during the summer. That's actually how I got teamed up to talk with Tom. I talk to him every once in a while. And what does Brady say to you?

McCarron: Just to have fun. After his loss to the Broncos, I told him he had a nice season and he wrote back and said the same to me, and that he'd see me soon. I try and get some help from guys like him and the Manning's. I was surprised to see the tattoo on your chest. Tell me about all your ink.

McCarronThey all mean something to me. I like tattoos and I think that's one of the things that helps me out. I can play the clean look and keep them covered up or go with the skater look and show them off. I'm my own self so I try to be different. Will you get a tattoo of the team that drafts you?

McCarron: No. You never put something like that on your body because you never know how long that relationship will last. Have you gotten recognized in New York City at all this week?

McCarron: Yeah, actually. I do which is weird. This morning I was surprised as I was just walking and a couple guys came up and said, "Congrats on a great season and a great career." Another couple guys said "Roll Tide." It's kind of weird going places and still being noticed. How are you holding up in this freezing weather?

McCarron: I'm doing pretty good. One thing I'm exciting about is to go out and see how my hair holds up with the 24 hour hold on this. Are you heading to Sunday's game?

McCarron: No. I fly back Friday morning and have a training session at 12:30. But I do have Sunday off so we'll all go eat somewhere and watch the game. Do you have a prediction?

McCarron: I'm pulling for - and it's not anything against either team as they're both great organizations and teams - but I have to pull for Eric Decker and the Broncos. We're both signed to the same agency and both are part of the AXE Hair Gel team. It's a great opportunity for us to both be teamed up with great companies. Did you see his GQ spread?

McCarron: I did not. I know he likes to take a lot of pictures. You should check it out. Switching topics, do you get frustrated when you tweet something in jest and it gets blown out of proportion?

McCarron: No, I don't get frustrated. i think it's just funny they can take nothing and make it into something. But that's the world we live in today. Do you have a favorite TV show right now?.

McCarron: Heck, yeah. Duck Dynasty. I'm all about Duck Dynasty. I actually went out and bought seasons 1-5. Every night I plop down and put them in. I definitely watch that for a little while until I fall asleep each night. Have you met any celebrities you never thought you'd get a chance to meet?

McCarron: Derek Jeter, for sure. I grew up a big Yankees fan and the fact that I got to meet him before the LSU game was just awesome for me. And pretty surreal. So I have a few photos I want to get your two cents on. Tell me what comes to mind when you look at them.


McCarron: I just think it's funny. There's a new article up every day that says we're broken up or a picture like that. I think that's what makes our relationship so great. We stick with each other through the thick and thin and she's my best friend.


Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (2013) :: Pouya Dianat/SI Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (2013) :: Pouya Dianat/SI

McCarronn: Looking at this, you automatically look to see what formation we were in. What type of defense they're in. I'm a quarterback so it's just second nature to me.


AJ McCarron :: Al Tielemans/SI AJ McCarron :: Al Tielemans/SI

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