Hot Clicks Q&A: Chris Bosh

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Chris Bosh :: Peter Gregoire/SI

Chris Bosh :: Peter Gregoire/SI

Chris Bosh isn't just a basketball player. The Heat center guest starred as Heimdall (Asgardian warrior-god and guardian of the rainbow bridge) in Sunday's episode of Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. We caught up with Bosh to discuss his new endeavor, Parks and Rec, SI Swimsuit and that photo of him in a cowboy outfit.

Hot Clicks: Thanks for giving me a few minutes, Chris. Tell me how you got involved with Marvel.

Chris Bosh: I have a great agency, CAA. I guess they pulled some strings for me. I got the chance to auditon and I was fortunate enough to be chosen. I'm very, very excited.

Hot Clicks: I read that you want to do voiceover work. Is that something you still want to pursue?

Chris Bosh: Absolutely. I've been pursuing it for a year and a half now. People keep telling me I have a good voice so I want to see if I can turn that into something.

Hot Clicks: You play with the best player in the world, LeBron James. When it comes to the end of games and a possible game-winning shot, does your coach bother calling a play in the huddle or does everyone just know the ball is going to LeBron?

Chris Bosh: Well, you can draw up a play but very seldom are you going to get a guy open in an easy-to-read situation. At the end of games, guys just have to make plays and LeBron is the best at that.

Hot Clicks: What's it been like playing with Greg Oden this year? I get the feeling you guys are genuinely pulling for him.

Chris Bosh: We're all happy for him. I couldn't imagine how tough it would be being away from the game as long as it was for him. He's working extremely hard every day. They had to bring him along slowly and everything but now he's in position where he can get consistent minutes and I think he's going to help us a lot. When all is said and done, he'll make some plays for us and he'll be one of the reasons we're successful in the future.

Hot Clicks: What's he like off the court?

Chris Bosh: He doesn't say anything. He doesn't say a word. He's very quiet.

Hot Clicks: How about The Bird Man [Chris Anderson]? Is he quiet?

Chris Bosh: Bird is a social guy. He talks a lot. We're both from Texas so we stick together. He's a good dude -- loves playing basketball and having a good time. Whether you want to hang out or get something to eat, he's always there.

Hot Clicks: So I always get a huge reaction when I post your cowboy photo on my Twitter feed. Tell me about that day.

Chris Bosh: That was in New Orleans. It was my idea. It just comes from a lot more free time. I didn't have a family back then and was having fun. The pressures of winning wasn't as great back then and I had some free time to do things. I just wanted to show my creative side a little it, make people laugh and have a good time.

Hot Clicks: Has your wife seen that?

Chris Bosh: No. Just in the pictures.

Hot Clicks: It looks like you'll face off against Indiana again for the Eastern Conference crown. Do you find yourself more sore after playing against Roy Hibbert and David West than other players?

Chris Bosh: Yeah, definitely. A tough physical team like they are - you're going to feel it. That's what it's about. the battles, the competition. Every possession you have to work -- every loose ball, every rebound. They're a very good team and the best competition in the East right now.

Hot Clicks: Have you ever met Larry Bird?

Chris Bosh: No, I have not.

Hot Clicks: Moving on, you appeared in an episode of Parks and Recreation. What was that like?

Chris Bosh: It was awesome. I've watched the show, of course, and it was surreal being there. You get to go behind the scenes and see how everything is made. It was just really, really cool and I'm really glad they invited me. I think it came out pretty good.

Hot Clicks: I saw a video where Aubrey Plaza discusses how went undercover and tried to be your hair stylist on the show and and you didn't realize.

Chris Bosh: I came to find out after -- I wasn't up on the joke. To be honest, I was kinda nervous. I was about to be on Parks and Rec so I wasn't really paying attention to the hair lady. I kept saying "I'm fine." I just wanted to get in there and deliver my lines right.

Hot Clicks: The SI Swimsuit issue just came out. Do you have a favorite swimsuit model - past or present?

Chris Bosh: I do not. I was never into models. We couldn't afford the SI edition when I was little. It was just something you looked at on the shelf and kept on moving.