The Toledo Mud Hens Will Sport Ghostbusters-Themed Jerseys in May

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On May 30, the Toledo Mud Hens will wear these tan and splotchy uniforms to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. This brilliant themed night by the Detroit Tigers Triple-A affiliate opens up so many glorious Ghostbusters quote opportunities that I might combust.

Mud Hens communications director Andi Roman told Extra Mustard that the idea is not a response to Harold Ramis' passing.

"It's been in the works since at least January," Roman said. "It takes time to put together a speciality jersey like this. The timing of [Ramis' death] is unfortunate."

Sony Pictures Home Entertainemnt

Sony Pictures Home Entertainemnt

Roman added that the Mud Hens will be giving out green glow in the dark glasses to fans and will also be auctioning off the jerseys for charity. They have some plans for the video board as well -- Roman said the team will be encouraging fans to dress up in Ghostbusters gear.

This entire event will ultimately set up what will undoubtedly be the single greatest call to the bullpen of all-time.



Call to the Pen