By Dan Treadway
March 05, 2014

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Alas Chelsea Handler has decided to take part in what has become one of the most hallowed rituals in sports: Bashing A-Rod.

The host of Chelsea Lately, who moonlighted as an extremely offensive tweeter for Huffington Post during Oscar night, went off on the Yankees third baseman on Howard Stern's show Wednesday morning. According to Handler, via The New York Daily News, A-Rod recently approached her and asked, "Chelsea, why do you have to make fun of me all the time?" Handler told Stern that she replied by saying, "Get away from me you're disgusting," and followed up with the clever kicker "you're gross."

Rodriguez allegedly responded with, "Why am I gross? We got off on the wrong foot. I read all of your books. I'm a big fan," which of course is a very poor reflection on him. From there Handler told Stern she decided to take the high road by saying "I don't know why you're a big fan. I think you're a f---ing a--hole."

Handler then called A-Rod a "buffoon," thus cementing the idea that perhaps they deserve each other.


New York Daily News

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