By Brett Smiley
March 19, 2014

And here's Van Der Beek's bracket, in which he as East region No. 10 seed St. Joseph's going all the way:

twitter/vanderjames twitter/vanderjames

Van Der Beek's code approach (revealed below) is a pretty terrible strategy, if indeed his goal is to win the CBS pool he entered. At the same time, my sister-in-law uses a mascot strategy -- she picked Iowa State over Kansas in the semi-finals based on her theory that "the Jayhawk looks like a sassy little bird that can't be trusted." Last year she won a 50-person office pool.

Unfortunately for Van Der Beek, hoops wizard Ken Pom's efficiency ratings shows St. Joe's out of the top 50 in both offense and defense, and Nate Silver's amalgamation of stats projects that they have less than a one-percent chance of winning the tournament.


Code breaker:



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