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Ten Timeless March Madness-Themed Comedy Videos


Other than the Super Bowl, March Madness is the only annual sporting event that truly crosses over and captures the attention of mainstream America—and unlike the Super Bowl, it holds onto it for almost a month. Little surprise, then, that it often becomes fodder for topicality-minded laugh miners. I searched the interwebs high and low to find ten of the finest March Madness Sketches in the history/herstory of the ENTIRE world. Are they the best sketches? I'm not going to say that, in part because comedy is subjective, and in part because … well, just search YouTube for "March Madness" and you'll see why. But tell us what we missed and we'll add 'em as we go.

We were going to organize these in a bracket, but every other site on the internet consumed all the bracket oxygen in the room. So here's a list, in no particular order.


Honest March Madness Coach

Sketch group Garlic Jackson takes a different spin on on the classic March Madness underdog story—except instead of scoring the winning shot, these dudes 'bout to lose, hoird.

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Mad Men: March Madness

Official Comedy combined two things we all love: March Madness and Mad Men. Word on the street is Don Draper murders each year in the bracket.

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Jake and Amir: March Madness

The series is now seven episodes deep, though the original is curiously hard to find on the world wide information superhighway. You'll have to settle for the remaining six. Or you can find the first one and tell me about it. Either one.

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Bizarre Bracket Behavior

People will do anything if they think it will help them make the perfect bracket. Celebrities will do double anything. You don’t even want to know what double anything is.

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SI Recommends

March Madness Girl

March Madness Girl suggests that there may be some hidden depth to that clueless co-worker who wins the office pool each year.

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Dick Vitale on Weekend Update

This classic SNL segment features Jay Mohr as Dick Vitale. Turns out Dickie V is no more palatable when portrayed by someone else.

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The Cajun Man on Weekend Update

Another enduring Weekend Update bit, Adam Sandler as the Cajun Man offers a Cajun take on March Madness.

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President Obama March Madness Bracket: Uncensored Version

Official Comedy kills it again by taking us behind the scenes to show what really happened when ESPN filmed Obama and his “Barack-etology” (ESPN's words, not mine).

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The Madness of March Basketballing

Matt Hunziker gets deep.

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NCAA Expands March Madness to Include 4096 Teams

A gem from The Onion. It's satire, and great satire at that, but by the time Final Four weekend hits and the end is near, it's safe to assume that fans would tolerate the inclusion of the Xenon International School of Hair Design's Fightin' Barbers if it meant adding another few weeks to the tournament.


Matt Visconage is a writer and performer in Chicago. He has written for Splitsider and tweets here.