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The Seattle Mariners Will Circle the Earth Twice During the 2014 Season

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I hope players on the Seattle Mariners invested in solid headphones this season, because they're going to need them for the long plane rides.

Nearly 700 miles from any other Major League Baseball team, the Mariners are all but on an island in terms of their geographical presence -- and it shows in their road trip mileage.

Daren Willman of Baseball Savant put together a team-by-team road trip map for the upcoming season, and Seattle will be far and away the leader of distance traveled, amassing 51,540 miles, good for two trips around the globe. For comparison, the much more centrally located Chicago Cubs don't even travel half that distance, only racking up 22,969 miles on their frequent flyer cards.

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Not shockingly, fellow American League West teams like the Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros will all have hefty travel bills as well -- though, they're still well behind the Mariners. You can check out the entire study here.


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