Vanderbilt Students Petition for Mural of Football Coach Derek Mason to Look Like Him

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Since 1991, Vanderbilt's most prominent coaches have been painted on the side of a building that once hosted a collegiate gear store (it's a Verizon Wireless now). And students aren't happy with the murals' latest addition -- Derek Mason, who came from Stanford to replace James Franklin as head football coach -- and are petitioning to have it fixed:

“I don’t believe the painting is representative of me, personally,” Mason said. “But if that’s somebody’s depiction then so be it. There are still freedoms that are still allowed in this country, but when I look at it I don’t think that’s an accurate depiction of me.”

Neither does Vanderbilt quarterback Josh Grady, who has taken to Twitter to try and get the mural changed to an image that more accurately portrays his new coach.

Here's what Mason actually looks like, compared to the mural:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.51.08 AM

Yea, they've got a point. Here's footage of the controversial portrait going up:


At least when the Google Maps truck comes back around, they'll have a chance to blur the face. As it stands, there's the very accurate James Franklin still showing:

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