By Nicole Conlan
April 08, 2014

Johnson's bracket, via Larry Brown Sports Johnson's bracket, via Deadspin

Remember that time in college when you slaved over a term paper only to have your computer crash before you hit 'Save'? That catastrophe is pretty minor compared to what happened to Corey Johnson, who picked one of the top brackets this year on Yahoo! Sports and stood to win $100,000 for doing so. The only problem? His pick that UCONN would win it all didn't save. Once the tournament started, Yahoo! doesn't let you update your bracket, so by the time Johnson noticed, it was too late.

But it's okay, what's a 28-year-old going to do with $100,000 anyway? Oh, it turns out that he's trying to put himself through school and that he's worked with autistic children for years. So... yeah, I bet he could have used that money.

Let this go down as one of the biggest disasters in history: The Hindenburg, Pompeii, and the Yahoo! March Madness Bracket Glitch.



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