Lance Armstrong Stars in a Bizarre Instructional Video

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If all the books, documentaries, and articleshave taught us anything about Lance Armstrong, it's that he has a Machiavellian ability to control the narrative.

Armstrong's latest attempt at angling for forgiveness takes the simple form of an instructional video of him changing a tire, released by Outside Magazine. With a blend of smugness and faux-humility, he spouts off phrases like "doin' pretty good for a guy who just learned how to do this," all part of his subtle play for all the American hearts he broke.

If you only have a superficial understanding of his reign as King of the Peloton, there's probably a good chance that you'll soften to the Armstrong charm, which is certainly present here. But if you're at all familiar with the wake he left during his rise to the top, you'll find this video pretty weird.