By Ben Sin
April 23, 2014


The firing of Manchester United manager David Moyes has led to a series of memes and jokes, including this gem: his “Chosen One” banner is (jokingly) up for bidding on eBay.

Check out the cheeky description:

"One previous owner, well used, highly sought after and will soon be a relic.

"After an 10 months stint in one of the countries top jobs (I should know), David Moyes was sacked as Manager of Man United on 22/04/14, when the NYSE opened. This banner was the subject of many arguments and it was even protected by security for fear of being torn down by angry, angry fans... Fans who wanted the poor David's head.

"Please be aware that this is in fact, second hand and I will accept no returns as this is sold as seen. It may have various "F**K off" writing on it, or cigarettes stubbed out on it, it may even have some greenies on it, but overall it is in decent nick.

"I will take this Banner today and I will deliver it to you, at your door. I leave for America soon to take up teaching, but all-in-all, I should fit in the time to get this in. Watch this space for future Banners such as, "The Gagging One", "Louis-eh Van-eh Gaal-eh!" and “Welcome to United Thin Spanish Waiter".

As of time of this writing, this fake banner has a bid of £154,000, which is about $259,135.

In all seriousness, the banner will likely be donated to a museum.


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