By Ben Sin
May 20, 2014

While these NBA Western Conference Finals represents a battle of two of the very best teams in basketball, there is a similarly intriguing fight taking place on the side: Charles Barkley against the women of San Antonio.

If you’re unfamiliar, Barkley has been getting heat from San Antonians for saying, on live TV, that the city’s women were a “gold mine for weight-watchers.”

Last night, during game 1 of the Spurs/Thunder series, a group of women, led by Vanessa Macias (Tim Duncan’s girlfriend), sat courtside in matching “Barkley Don’t Know” T-shirts. Though they were not given the chance to explain the shirts, they were likely meant to show that San Antonio does indeed have women who are not overweight.

Duncan's girlfriend, Vanessa Macias Duncan's girlfriend, Vanessa Macias

When Barkley was shown the footage of Macias, Chuck said, “That woman ain’t from here! They flew her in from Dallas! I guarantee you, those girls are not from San Antonio, they flew her in from Houston or Dallas.”

Barkley might want to watch who he's picking fights with, as the footage below indicates that Vanessa might be credited with some of the biggest burns in reality TV show history:

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