By Evan Schwartz
May 21, 2014

600_Article_pg.C[1] Genevieve Morton | Photo: James Macari/SI

Well, have we got a dream job experience for you.

Edge® Shave Gel and Sports Illustrated are joining forces to offer you one of the most coveted gigs in publishing: assisting on a SI Swimsuit photo shoot. Edge Shave Gel not only gives guys an edge in their daily lives; Edge® brand wants to help guys get ahead in whatever they aspire to do. And if you love photography, what could be a better opportunity than going behind the scenes to help create one of the most anticipated magazine issues of the year?

The SI Swimsuit Issue is an institution: More than 64 million U.S. adults read this year’s 50th anniversary issue. The cover of the Swimsuit Issue is one of the most coveted in all of modeling and a closely guarded secret prior to its unveiling each year. For the women who appear on the cover and within the issue, SI Swimsuit can propel them to fame, no matter their pursuit: modeling, acting, TV production and even entrepreneurship. Time and again, SI Swimsuit has proven to be a powerful launching pad in the careers of these talented women.

Of course, the models who grace SI Swimsuit look spectacular, in part, because the SI staff works hard to give them a canvas worthy of their beauty. The editors and their team pull off arduous shoots each year in locations as local as New Jersey and as exotic as Antarctica (not to mention the Seychelles, Tahiti and the usual beaches you’d imagine).

Shoot calls often start before dawn with models, a photographer and staff combing the beach or negotiating tricky passages to get to the perfect spot where the light is just right. The stories from a Swimsuit shoot are endless—whether because of amazing good fortune in the moment, or survival of near-catastrophe—and the results are always stunning. The best shooters in the world, supported by an extraordinary crew, are essential to the process.

“Swimsuit shoots don’t just put models on the map,” says Brad Smith, SI’s Director of Photography. “We work with some of the best teams in the world to create images that millions will see, so this is a huge opportunity for any aspiring photographer.”

So what’s life like for an assistant for the Swimsuit Issue? First, you’ll fly to New York City for a one-on-one photography tutorial with Smith. Then you’ll grab your sunscreen and camera bag and head to an exclusive location for an actual SI Swimsuit shoot. As an assistant, you’ll see firsthand how the magic happens behind the scenes on these legendary shoots, and your work will contribute directly to an otherworldly final product.

We’re guessing your current job doesn’t have quite the same cachet as the opportunity to hang with a gorgeous model in the company of an award-winning photo staff. Looking for an edge in your work or creative life? Here’s your chance.

How do you enter? Go to to submit a resume, and then start warming up your thumbs for a serious social media push. Let everyone know how badly you want to be an SI Swimsuit photographer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and make sure to hashtag it #Work4SI. By watching, posting and sharing video and other content, you can gain points that help strengthen your resume.

The more you participate, the better your chances of getting the job. A panel of judges from SI and Edge® Shave Gel will choose the winning candidate based on resume strength and qualifications for the role by a panel of judges. Check back daily for a chance to watch contest videos and see how you stack up against other applicants.

A smoother shave and real-world experience with one of the most prestigious jobs in publishing will give you a shot of career confidence. If you’re willing to work hard, your Dream Job experience is within reach.

Click here to enter now.

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