Boy Who Gave Baseball to Pretty Woman Appears on Fox & Friends, Reveals Truth of Switcheroo Story [Video]

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The other day we posted about a young man at a Rangers game who caught a foul ball and graciously gave it to a pretty lady behind him. Further review of that video revealed that the boy, named Austin, had actually pulled a nonchalant ball switcheroo (he was already holding a ball), keeping the actual foul ball and giving her a souvenir he was already holding to an attractive girl sitting behind him. It was a real lesson to all the wannabe players out there.

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But in his conversation with Fox & Friends hosts this morning, Austin said he already had caught one foul ball from earlier and he "thought it would be nice to give the ball to someone else." As opposed to tricking the girl and planting a seed for his courtship several years down the road.

Thus our collective imagination was just that -- our imagination, another lesson in Occam's razor. At least, if Austin hasn't outsmarted us all again, masking his true intentions in front of his mother who appeared at his side.

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